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The south facade of Brennan Hall, a building on the St. Michael's campus, in springtime

Faculty of Theology

Study Catholic Theology in the heart of downtown Toronto.


About Us

For more than 60 years the Faculty of Theology in the University of St. Michael’s College has been preparing men and women, lay and religious, for servant leadership in the Church and the world.

A new vision for Catholic theological education.

Our reputation for forming students through faithful and rigorous scholarship grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition draws students from around the globe.

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Degree Programs

At the graduate level, St. Michael’s Faculty of Theology continues the tradition of theological education on campus, drawing from the University’s humble beginnings as a minor seminary.

The Faculty offers:

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)

    This program teaches individuals to appropriate and integrate the Catholic intellectual heritage and its significance/ relevance for understanding the current cultural context (ecumenism, interfaith, ecology, etc.)
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  • Master of Religious Education Degree (MRE)

    This professional program is designed to prepare individuals for the ministry of religious education. It welcomes individuals from various aspects of this ministry such as teaching or supervising in schools, parishes, dioceses, or international settings.
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  • Master of Theological Studies Degree (MTS)

    This program is designed to strengthen the religious basis of the individual’s life and work by providing the individual with a general theological understanding as well as the opportunity for in-depth study and specialization.
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  • Advanced Degree Programs

    Advanced Degree Programs are offered conjointly through the Toronto School of Theology (TST). TST offers two advanced master's degrees, the Master of Theology (ThM) and the Master of Arts in Theology (MA).
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  • Non-Conjoint Diplomas & Certificates

    Diploma and Certificate Programs offer flexibility in course selection. Students have a maximum of eight years within which to complete all requirements (ten units) of study on a full or part-time basis.
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  • The faculty of Theology at USMC helped me to bring to life key theological and ethical questions into strategic leadership at the highest level of Catholic health care administration.

    Dr. Christopher De Bono, PhD

    Dr. Christopher De Bono, PhD

    • Executive Director of Mission, Values and Spiritual Care
    • Unity Health Toronto

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